Commercial Water Blasting Auckland Companies Can Carry Out Thorough Cleaning Jobs

Water blasting is the use of high-pressure water for cleaning any surface, or to demolish concrete, tar or other brickwork structures. Commercial water blasting Auckland companies provide mobile and stationary equipment that can be used for cleaning or demolition.

Pressure washing carried out by commercial water blasting Auckland companies will remove dirt, grime, mould, mud, loose paint and even chewing gum from concrete surfaces, buildings, and even vehicles. Machines that are used in water blasting can create pressures that vary from 750 to 30,000 pounds per square inch, and these high pressures are enough even to demolish concrete, tar on roads and are often used to completely remove paint from ships and boats before repainting them.

These machines are used commercially to clean sidewalks, decks, roofs, gutters, driveways, parking lots, cladding on buildings, siding and many other cleaning applications that would otherwise not be easy to carry out with traditional cleaning methods and tools. Depending on the surfaces to be cleaned, use is made of lower or higher pressures. The main objective is to clean the surface without in any way damaging its structural integrity. Nozzles help to alter the direction of the water that is under pressure and can also be used to change its flow and velocity. The use of nozzles allows the blasted water to reach greater distances and even difficult to reach spots, thus ensuring that the cleaning carried out is as thorough as is needed. They can give sprays that cover a wide degree or those that give a concentrated spray that can cause greater damage. KP Group is known to use these machines professionally and can work with efficiency.

The use of concentrated sprays is made by commercial water blasting Auckland companies for demolition work or for the cleaning of stone surfaces, where the objective often is to expose newer layers of the stone, as is needed in the restoration of old buildings. Water blasting used for demolition can easily remove deteriorated concrete, asphalt and grout. Once this process is used, the surface created is just right for bonding with any material used for repairs. Commercial water blasting Auckland companies use this process for projects that require restoration or where buildings require added protection to be given to surfaces or structures. This allows removal of unsound concrete and reinforcing bars so that they can then be replaced with new rebar and concrete, that can help to increase the life of the structure.

One great advantage of using water blasting for repair or protection of structures is that they do not produce any vibrations that can further cause problems for the distressed structure. The use of any other demolition methods like using hammers or jackhammers can cause vibrations and noise pollution that is then completely avoided.

Commercial water blasting for cleaning or demolition can be used on vertical, horizontal or even overhead structures and surfaces. It is important that before any work is undertaken that uses water blasting, proper provision for the removal of water is made to prevent uncomfortable or unacceptable conditions. Where high volumes of water are needed, it can even be worthwhile to recover the water and reuse it after filtering.